Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy:

Shipping rates may vary per order of sizing and weight. Client pays for shipping unless stated otherwise. 


If something is needed to be returned due to damage. You will pay for shipping back to K.Stein Designs we will then cover the shipment of the new item or we will credit your account. 

Return & Exchange Policy

*We accept NO returns or exchanges.** K.Stein Designs offers custom designs and prints per client. Design and Prints are sized accurately to what is ordered. If you ordered the wrong size of something we are glad to create another piece for you but we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges because every item is custom to the client. The only time something is accepted as a return or exchange if the item arrives damaged. K.Stein Designs will reprint damaged product once proof is provided or item is sent back.

**K.Stein Designs is not at fault for items being damaged in use or in the mail. Proof will need to be documented before new item is shipped. We will cover cost of damaged item and ship for free.**